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Properties of the refraktory products

  • minimal thermal expansion
  • products can be used directly in hot environment
  • products can be ceramicly welded (mainly shaped products with phosphate bond)
  • high thermal shock resistence
  • products heated at 950 °C and cooled with water have no visible demages even after 35 cooling cycles.
  • after long-time use over temperature 1100°C it crystallizes to crystoballite, eventually trydimit and products lose thermal shock resistance and lower thermal expansion. Recrystallized products than have properties comparable with classic silica products.

The possibilities of using refractory products:

  • common and hot repairs of the silica lining in glass furnaces
  • protective blocks, swinging bricks, suspended curtain walls, eventually tiles mainly in glass furnaces
  • common and hot repairs of the coke-oven batteries etc.
  • as subsidiary material with thermal shock resistance in metallurgy and iron industry.

Quality marks KSI 99, KSP 98 and KSTC are used mainly in glass industry. Mixtures KSH 0-3 or KSH 0-6 and last time mainly plastic mastic KSILPLAST 99 are used for filling the small cracks and the dilatation joints, etc.

There are used mainly products with chemical bond with quality marks KSP 95C, KSP 98 and KSI 99 in range of metallurgy, iron industry and coke industry. All kind of products are suitable for ceramic welding of the broken refractory lining.

All kind of non-shaped products are frequently used in these branches too.

Photographs of the refractory products are here
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